world change make man change

         First of all i salute to my country,Freedom fighters and National Flag.Those ,who visit this site are most Welcome too.

   Today ,mean in this modern age are going to very complex whether in Education,Medical science,Business,Fashion,Economics,Agriculture Architecture,information and technology,Health and so on.

This all concerned development in our county(India) increasing and changing in our daily life,social life and you can say also as personal life.Our ancient social thinking,terms and condition space too, changing and having reformed in they thought earlier.

We read in book mentioned that at first computer shape as large room of house.And this the first computer of computers. Computer name was called called INIAC. Vacuums tubes are used in this computer.Anyway this computer revolution  story will have too long to mention you to be made understand. Now-a-day u compare earlier computer than modern computer. Where stand the modern computer.

Not only computer but all over have been changing.
In school,if you see you will be found , having  facilities for students.They can learn easily and make them personal development are used to be observed.
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